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Booked for August excited!

  • sicilianprincess
  • 4 months post op
  • 2 years ago

I am all ready! Had. My consult yesterday (I went last year to get an idea but did need another as it was over a year). Nothing changed so I am good to go. Paid my deposit and scheduled for the 28th but called back and moved it up to the 17th so I am functioning by the to e my kids return to school the 27th. Had to pull some strings with my mom to come that day for a few days but it worked out. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, but I guess that's normal. I'm more worried about my husband. We are separated and he doesnt know. He knew I've been talking about it forever and was going to get it done in India this summer but we didn't go so... Plus I am more comfortable in the U.S. anyway, I've been wanting this procedure for a loooonnngggg time and put it off because he would never give me time off from the business (6 days a week 8-12 hrs a day). So I feel have earned the right to do one thing that means a lot to me. Anyway...I am just going to focus on this. So I am 5'7" and have an otherwise nice figure. Just my ummy is....ewwww. I just want it flattened out and smooth so I don't have to spend hours finding things to hide it. I manage and dress very nicely and find things that are fitted but have to sit just right or wear a certain type of shirt. But I get tired of that. I am also tired of shape wear. Especially in 100 degree weather! Well, sorry ladies I am rambling on but I'm thinking of all of the reasons I am so very excited! I'm still trying to get the guts to post my pics. I just hate my belly so much, but I will, it's only fair. :)

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Post your pictures. If I can you can! :) You dont have to show your face. :)
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