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Will my boobs ever be normal?

  • 5918anon
  • 4 years ago

My last question I wasn't so clear with what I was unsure of! I am 19 and have had saggy breast my whole life. I am now in the process of losing weight, will my boobs become normal? Will they firm up just a little? Is it too late to gain elasticity? or do you think the wear and tear of me losing and gaining just put my breast in that perminint state? Im really considering surgery but Im worried about the scars!

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If you diet and exercise ( walk and jogging ) will help you very much as you will lose weight in your breasts too. When you do loose weight, get some skin cream, add some saseame seed oil to it, shake it very well and apply it to your breasts, giving them massages every day.

Good Luck
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I agree with Dr. Soto. And I also want to say, you're more normal than you think.

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Hi there- While I agree that your young age and the appearance of good skin tone in the photo you posted are reasons to be optimistic that your breasts will respond favorably to weight loss, the photo also shows that your nipples are facing downward... It would NOT be reasonable to anticipate that this will improve with weight loss- or any other maneuver short of surgery. Once you have attained your goal weight and have remained stable at this weight for a few months, pay a visit to a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a lot of experience in breast surgery. The scars necessary to re-shape your breasts are almost always felt to be worth the improvement by patients in your situation.
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