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Y do my boobs hurt after tummy tuck?

  • Pam47
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I am 2 weeks post op extended tummy tuck.  Things are going really good.  I didnt experience any swell hell yet lol...I love my new flat tummy.  My problem is....why do my boobs hurt so bad?  They are hard and very sore.  I didnt have any work done on them even though they despartely need a lift.  It's just weird that I have more pain in my boobs then I do the tummy tuck lol.  Any ideas?

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Yes I had a full tummy tuck, I never thought of that. That would make alot of sense. My husband said now I know what the pain will be like after I get my implants put in lol. Thanks, have a great week!
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Did you have a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening?   If so they start way up high with pulling the muscles back together.  That could cause some swelling and pain in the breast area.  

Or is it that time of the month?  Mine would swell and hurt like crazy during that time..  Try some heat packs and that may helps with some of the discomfort.  

If it continues make a visit to your doctor.  Never hurts to be safe:)

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