Has anyone had the Bodytite procedure?

  • Amanda2010
  • London
  • 4 years ago

Hi, I just had the new Bodytite procedure on my stomach has anyone else tried this?

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I made ​​the body tite in the arms of a very good professional, I had a paresis of the hand, it was very painful but after the recovery is slow, the pain is like a barbed wire in the arms and I do not have the expected results, I believe that I've burned the nerves and glands, I had no fat bike, I did it to pull the skin, definitely would not recommend after several months I still have the seeds paresis
Saffron and Amanda2010, thank you for your posts. As with any technology, it is more the doctor on the other end of the cannula than the technology itself that really makes the difference. Liposuction by any means is relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. The experience of your surgeon makes a far bigger difference on the quality of your outcome than whether he or she uses lasers, ultrasonic, radio frequency (RF), diodes, or any other form of electrical, light, or power assistance.
I know you are feeling but I had vaser with which I had all the pain without any gain. I really think they come out with different machines which more or less don't work for everyone, smart lipo, vaser, now bodytite, what next??Been over a year with mine and no improvement whatsoever. I also think it casues nerve damage which does not transpire till much later on. Very few surgeons are exceptionally skilled with whom one sees results so it's down to random luck. I wish you speedy healing and desired results.
It is not thr machines that give you results. It is the person who does the fat removal.
Thanks very much for the info...it is only day 2 and feeling really sore and it is very painful, no way anyone could go straight back to work after having bodytite that's for sure. I chose Bodytite over Vaser as I thought the recovery time was much quicker. I am a little less bloated today, but didn't expect to be as swollen as I am. I wish I had been told this beforehand! The compression garments are uncomfortable and very tight and it is a relief to take them off when i wash them. I spoke to the clinic and they told me to take a stronger paracetamol/codeine tablet which has helped but seems to make me a bit drowsy, had a very good sleep last night. Will keep posting how the healing progresses. My chin is still swollen but not as sore as my stomach. Doesn't appear to be any bruising. But I can definitely see it will take a number of weeks for the swelling to subside. Regards, Amanda

Hi Amanda,

I know of one other RealSelfer who has had Bodytite; unfortunately, she's since deleted her account so there's no way to follow up on her progress.

Anyway, here's her review: Bodytite lipo 2 weeks ago - waiting to see results

Hope this helps!