Body Lift Recovery

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  • 10 months ago

Would be very appreciative of anyone's candid comments about body lift recovery and also how common incision openings/wound healing issues occur.  I would be flying out of state over my kids spring vacation while they are with their dad to have the surgery and would basically have about 9 or 10 days to be on the mend before I had to fly home and at least be able to take over some basic responsibilities with my kids like taking them 5 min. away to school.  They are old enough to do bathing, dressing, etc. independently and we could eat out for a few more days but it's not like I could have a 4 week lounging around recovery.  I'm also concerned about being alone in a hotel room for my recovery with regard to eating healthy meals.  My plastic surgeon also talked about my giving myself injections that would further protect against blood clots.  Just sounds really intense.   I'm 55, in good health, and not a weight loss patient.  My issues are more aging related and that I never had good, tight, skin to begin with and also child bearing did not help.

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I had a LBL with vertical incision a little over 1 year ago. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days, and on the 3rd day took the subway home by myself! I had very little pain as I had a pain pump, and was pretty numb! I live alone and was able to take care of myself just fine. The key was to have everything you need in close by. I also had to administer Lovenox injections for a week, that was really not a big deal. I was driving after week 1, and back to work at week 3. Good Luck!
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You are my hero!!!
I recently had a 360 bodylift and thighplasty done on 12/11/13. Surgery was out-of-state and a 5-1/2 hour plane ride away. The first couple of days post surgery was spent at a recovery center (I highly suggest this!) where meds, fluids, meals and drain readings were done by the staff. After that I stayed at a friend's place where I basically took care of myself. I had a catheter in until 6 days post-op. Walking to and from the bathroom and kitchen were fine. I gave myself the shots to prevent clotting (really was easy), had all my meds by my side and was able to feed the dogs, change my dressings and sponge bath myself. On day 14, I flew back home. I'm 45, work 2 jobs, am fairly active and plan to be back at work 3-1/2 weeks post-op. Hope this helps!
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Ok - thanks very much for this info. Sounds like we have the same surgeon.