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What 'body image' message are you sending to your children by undergoing a TT?

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All my kids saw my belly at some point in their life before my tummy tuck. They were all aware of what it looked like. I explained that I was having my muscle separation and hernia repaired. In the process I was going to get a lot, but not all, of the ugly wrinkled sagging skin removed. I would end up with a nicer looking tummy, but also the abdominal structure to build a stronger, healthier body and back.They were all very supportive and helpful in my recovery. I have also encouraged all of my daughters and my daughter in law to use Tupler Technique postpartum in hopes of avoiding the weak muscles I had. It did wonders for me, but after 8 kids, several over 9 pouinds, things were just too far apart for it to get my abs all the way back together. One of my daughters want us to get matching bikinis next summer after my scar and belly button heal. They are all very happy I did this, and so am I. :D
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I have told mine that I always intended on having one,. I haven't told them I have HAD it, but some day I probably will. However I feel it is important to feel good about yourself for your own sake not others sake. I want her to know that if she gains a few pounds that is fine, but if she has children, or loses weight and feels that she can do nothing about it, that she can, she can ask a PS to help her fix her problems. If God didn't intend us to have cosmetic surgery , he wouldn't have given us the brains to invent
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I thought about the message I was sending to my kids. I have a 15 yr old daughter and my sons are 20 & 23. I have worked hard to regain my body back after some very rough experiences delivering my 2nd two kids. Dieted a lot and exercised too. I do have some physical limitations and usually take 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. I finally decided it was time to do this for me. I asked my kids if they thought I was being selfish about the surgery especially due to the cost. They said no way! They said I deserve to get my body back after all I've been through. My oldest even said he'd love to see me feeling & looking healthy since most of his life I've had so many issues. They are thrilled for me. And my husband totally encouraged me to do this for myself too.

I also don't obsess. My body is not perfect but I'm ok with that. I don't want to think surgery is the answer to all my issues. I can live with some fat on my thighs or upper arms. I think that is when PS can become unhealthy and send the wrong message.

I'm not willing to have more PS cause it was very rough and that seems to be my experience with surgery. However, I don't judge anyone who wants to be the best they can be. I agree with what Kimmer said too.
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I have been reading everything I can about TT's I love this forum. Kimmer, you did give an awesome and truthful answer to that question. I can never understand how people are so quick to judge others.

I am 57 years young, love clothes and am not liking the fact that tese days my clothes are wearing me. This week I'll go for my second consultation with the doctor I have chosen to do my TT. Initialy, I wanted lipo and the three doctors I saw all made comments about my vertical scar from my two c-sections.

Two of the doctors were board certified and the first one I went to was not. I got educated real fast and of course,eliminated the general physician who practices lipo.

I need the second consult to decide if I will do the lipo or TT. On my initial visit my doctor (chosen one) told me he could do the lipo (since I was dead set against the TT) and revisit my vertical scar for free. So, I've pretty much decided to do the TT, but just need to ask him more questions.

Thanks for this forum! It is reassuring to read about others who have same thoughts and concerns as myself. Also, it is so wonderful to read about their journeys and results.
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I am over the top happy that you are here with us!!   You are doing an excellent job in your research and consults.  You are going to know when you have found the right doctor for you.  And yes you definitely want a Board Certified doctor.  

You will not be judged by anyone on RealSelf.  So you post away and all of the ladies will extend support to you.  

You are not alone in your thoughts and fears:)  Please keep me up to date on how everything is going.

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Hi Kim!
Thank you for your awesome answers. I'm really pleased you have such a supportive daughter and you have had great results from your procedure.
Thanks again :)
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The message I gave my teenager was that it's ok to want to feel good about yourself and have confidence about the decisions you make.   I explained how I felt and why I wanted to do this for myself.  The response I got was " Go Mom".  

People can be very critical about plastic surgery procedures and will pass judgement on others.   I feel this is very harsh and have also raised my child to never pass judgement on others.  

Plastic surgery is a very personal decision and it's not for everyone.  However if you have done your research, are mentally prepared and know deep in your heart this is something you want then you should do it. 

This is where RealSelf comes in as a wonderful place for people to do research and find support.  They will not be judged here and can speak open and honest about how they are feeling.   I am confident that most all of the people on RealSelf will agree.  

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