Any Body That Had a Free Nipple Placement Breast Reduction?

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  • 2 years ago

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I had my BR with a FNG on Nov. 1. I was very concerned about the FNG. So far I am so happy I did. I absolutely LOVE my new little breasts.
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Brilliant! Isn't it good to have nice ones instead?! Happy recovery! x
I'm really happy to let my surgeon decide whats best from what he finds on the day, I have 100% confidence in him and his work - I just want to do it now!!
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Hi I am going down from a 38K and I think that this is the only option for me as my boobage is so huge but I am aware of that and will happily go with whatever my surgeon decides on the day I am 46 and married for 25 yrs so we are very comfortable as a couple and I think if my husband sees me happy then it will be worthwhile. I think this operation will change my whole life...........
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I didn't have the FNG, but it has been 4 months since BR and I still don't have much nipple sensation. Although I posted this problem on Real Self, I have not received any response and I am not sure how common this problem is. When I measure how I feel about not having nipple sensation against the amazingly good feelings I have experienced since my BR, I wouldn't change it for anything. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Good Luck to You!!!
You should maybe get a second opinion from a different plastic surgeon. You don't have any pictures posted, but I am also a K cup size and my PS will just be doing a normal pedicle procedure. Now, there are a wide range of breast shapes and you're definitely more likely to need a FNG if your breasts hang very low.
It all depends on the measurements. My PS as well as the others I saw said I needed one and that there was a bad risk of loosing blood supply if I did an attached breast reduction. So in my case the FNG was necessary. It has it's drawbacks for sure, but better than loosing it all together.
Hi suzi, I had a FNG after my BR on 29th Aug this year. I was a 34GG/H uk size and i am now a 34 C. I have great looking nipples but no sensation or projection. I can feel touch on the nipple slightly, just like touch on the main breast but its not as it was. My partner and I are happy with the result! They look amazing and he says they feel amazing as they are pert and nicely firm!! I'm pleased because I look good! I thought long and hard about losing nipple sensation but you will find you will adapt. I sometimes miss the sensation but you will find other sensations which will work for you. The BR will really change your life. I wear nicer clothes, i've bought (wire free) bras which are lovely and strapless!!! Tops in my body size rather than baggy and black.... and dresses. I feel great and my posture is fab. I feel sexy and attractive for the first time in my life. I used to look in the mirror and think i look good ....except for my big boobs... and my sisters/friends would say the same; " you look lovely in that (whatever I had on) but... your boobs spoil the overall effect". Now i walk in a room in my new clothes and people say "wow! you look fantastic! You are so small.. i never realised how small framed you are before". So yes, once you have your BR you will feel so much happier. If you have any questions re FNG ask here or PM me. If i can help I will. Good luckwith your op, rest, recover and enjoy your new boobs!! x
I hit submit accidentally below. I was adding that another surgeon I interviewed thought a pedicel should work so I went back to the surgeon I had already scheduled with and made him agree to default to pedicel but only do the FNG if it was absolutely necessary for proper healing. Of course, he decides to revert to the FNG (which was his first choice). Some of this stems from my trust issues and buyers remorse, but I'm disappointed with the size AND nipple sensation has always been important to me sexually. I've made an appointment to discuss my feelings with a therapist.
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I had a FNG on November 1. My doctor suggested a 38D/DD would be a good size for me (started at 40G) and his decision from my initial exam was that he thought the FNG was needed. I am closer to a 38D, which looks way too small on my 16W body. I would have rather stayed closer to a DDD if the FNG could have been avoided, but around 895g per breast had to be taken for the surgery to be covered by my insurance. At the end of the day, the doctor took more than was actually required. I have suffered from horrible back pain for years and it finally got so bad that I haven't been able to sit upright for extended periods this year and have had to take time off work. I broke down and had the BR but now I am working hard emotionally not to regret the surgery. I do regret not asking more questions, not being clearer about the cup size post-surgery and am second-guessing my selection of surgeon. Another surgeon I interviewed said a pedicel should work for me so I went back to my
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Hi Jd55, The graft will do well as its been done successfully for years now. If your PS is experienced in this (ask him or her?) they will place a dressing on top of the nipples which will come off at 2-3 weeks. If you make sure you don't disturb the dressings (being post op you will naturally!) and rest, eat well and 'potter' around the house and garden for a week or two then gentle short walks, you will have successful grafts. As long as you are sensible and look after yourself you should be fine. Follow your PS's instructions and try not to be scared when you see the changes your cipple will go though before you see the full result. I thought I had lost one of mine as it went black and filled with fluid. All normal. I am now 9 weeks and the last small 'scab' (sorry to be so graphic) is nearly off. My nipples look great and have taken on the shape and appearance of how they were pre-op. They are permanently 'projected' and don't move but look great! I don't have any sensation in them but i do have some 'tingling' underneath them when with my man...if you get my meaning.... its not negatively affected my life in a sexual way which was an issue for me pre-op but i have adapted easily! Hope all is well and anyone having a FNG- good luck.x
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Thank you so very much for your continued info and support regarding this topic. I don't think I had a FNG but I am not really sure because I still do not have much sensation in that area. After BR surgery and I did not have any scabs around the nipple area. They are both much smaller and with touch the nipple does project. At times the area around the left nipple can be sore. I am glad you are doing well, and again, I thank you for your writings. Good Luck!
You are welcome Ella. If you had a FNG you would have no sensation at all and you would have had round dressings sewn on your nipples post op. The nipples liquify to a degree, it looks like a sort of 'bubbling up' and it looks like its rotting. There is a faint rotting type smell (all normal) like meat which is oxidised in your 'fridge but is still edible. Sorry for the graphic description, but it will get the experience across to you on a website page. The smell is different from infection. Its a normal smell and frequent dressing changes helps until the area scabs over. If you had a FNG you would have what I described but I found its not explained properly so you understand about it and what is normal when you are at home. I thought my nipple had fallen off and I didn't know about the smell or bubbling! It was my experience of burn grafts and re-reading my books etc which alerted me to this, and it's only since the scabs have fallen off that I can see the developed graft. I cannot emphasis the next sentence enough. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT be tempted to pull off the scab areas!! The tissue underneath which is raw is replicating (for want of a better phase and not sounding too medical) the original nipple tissue as the blood supply takes hold. The nipple does look purple and dusky then dark almost black, and some parts do fall off.... but they change so leave well alone!! I am glad this is helpful as I wish I had known this so I really understood the post op care when I got home.
I forgot to add, the dressings i was given were tulle gras- or sterile vaseline gauze, under sterile dressings with adhesive called 'mefix' a sticky topical tape which holds the dressings in place. When the smell developed, I used a dry dressing for a day and then went back to the vaseline gauze and dressings. his allowed he nipple area to form and dry out a little- but not enough to stop it granulating (healing and forming from underneath). I also when changing my dressings, let my boobs and nipples (once the nipple sutures were removed) become exposed to air. So i would sit on my bed for half to one hour and then wash my hands for 2-3 minutes, and using a very clean/aseptic technique I would change my own dressings. For the first 3 weeks I let the hospital do it as i felt too scared! But after that my PS (knowing i am an RN) was happy for me to take dressing packs home and dress my own nipples etc.
Deb after the sewn on dressing was removed what did you keep Over your nipples? I bought some non stock bandages but they were really pricey. Right now I change the dressings twice a day. Thanks!
Hi marKtoD, I had (sterile) vaseline gauze on each nipple. Then I had an adhesive pad (dry dressing) which was again sterile in place. Your PS should give them to you or change the dressings 3 times a week. Did you ask your PS?
Hmmm... He has me changing twice a day and I am using telfa bandages. They are a non stick bandage hard to find and expensive. I'll have to ask what I should use going forward. So Vaseline puts out a sterile gauze? So basically Vaseline covered and then taped on place?
I am glad i am reading this post about this. I am waiting for insurance to approve me and will also need a FNG. This is good advice and even though it was not directed to me, thanks.
I had a FNG last tues (oct 16). My PS stitched on dressings. When will they come off? I have a post op appt on Thursday the 25th.
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Probably 2-3 weeks later. Were they ok?
I guess they are okay. The top layer that looks brown an ugly is peeling away now to a new pink layer underneath. I figure pink is good means blood flow. I'm fighting an infection though :(
I am having a FNG on my surgery that is coming up in 2 weeks. The graft has me the most concerned. I think it's the best option for me. I will be having about 2500 grams removed PER SIDE. Moving the nipple is just not an option if I want to save the nipples.
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Hi Jd, i had this done on 29th Aug. If you wish to PM me please do, and i will answer any concerns you have. I am 48 yrs old and had 1.6 kg from EACH breast removed. I've gone from a GG/H (UK size) to a small/medium C cup and I am delighted. I had FNG and its taken very well. The areola takes but you do lose the nipple part. That will drop off. You will be left with a flat looking nipple, slightly discoloured from how it was pre BR. If you are dark skinned it will be white/pachy to look at as you lose pigmentation. I am white and had pale nipples and areola. They- the areola; are trimmed to suit your new breast shape. I have lovely looking boobs! But no sensation or projection. I can feel some pressure slightly now at nearly 5 weeks post op on my left nipple area. If projection is an issue, the mastectomy dept of your hospital (i think on line too but not sure as i havent looked) supply false nipples which can be stuck on if you went bra less when healed. That's not an issue for me and I am very happy with the result. Its truly life-changing. Good luck! x x
Well, I would say that if I had to have that much taken off each side I would sacrifice the nipple sensation. Man, that's a LOT of tissue, and you must feel fantastic having it gone.

That said, I personally would be very unhappy to lose sensation, it's important to me from a response standpoint. So I guess I am happy that my PS hasn't even mentioned this as a possibility.
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Yr welcome Jd.

How did I carry all that weight? Fear. Pure and simple. Fear of a GA and fear of post op pain not being controlled. Should have done it sooner but hey i am post op now and i plan to live and enjoy all the wonders new light boobs have given me! x
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