Body Builder, Fitness Competitor or Model getting Breast Augmentation?

  • BethH
  • 3 months ago

Are you a high level fitness competitor, a fitness model or perhaps an avid body builder looking for that extra "umph" on top to round out your upper body? Here are a few women who have taken matters into their own hands with breast augmentation procedures. Take a look and feel free to join in by introducing yourself!

rlena - Mother of 2 breast fed kiddos. Wife and fitness junky. Lost 30 lbs. Sacramento, CA.

Tina Tina - a Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor.

Ysilva86 - Fitness competitor/model with 1 child, traveled from Texas to Miami to get a lift with implants.

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Hi Beth referred me to this forum. I had my BA on 8/29 and I am a Group Fitness Instructor. I have been doing this for 17 years. I am 46 y/o and finally decided to get a BA. Pretty happy so, far the only thing is that my implants are still sitting high. I love doing Tabatas, lift weights and etc workouts. Have any of you had this same issue and how long did it take for them to drop and fluff. I take it day by day. It is somewhat better but, of course I want it done yesterday. I would love to hear from you. Thanks!
Hi ladies! Beth found my review and directed me here. :) I recently did my first NPC bikini competition and am considering BA. I have always wanted bigger boobs, but when I dieted down for my show I REALLY wanted them. Hehe. rlena, I can't wait to watch all of your update videos!
Welcome CYM619, I'll keep sending more fitness competitors this way so you gals can compare notes!
Aw thanks for the feature BethH! If anyone has questions I am here for ya! currently (july 17th 2014) one week post op and i feel great. recover was a breeze and i just got clearance to resume lower body cardio and light light leg weights! woop woop!!! WIll be posting another update video soon