What Do I Use a Board/Foam For?

  • Faith35
  • 1 year ago

Can someone please tell me the purpose for a board or foam after a BBL or TT? Can you show me a picture?  Thanks, Faith

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Hey ladies! YOu can check AMAZON.COM. They pretty much have anything you need other than the actual stores or website as Military Diva stated below. The sista's I been bloggin with has used the foam and board for many reasons. To give extra compression ,keep lines from garment indenting the skin, giving the buttock the shape you would prefer etc...Pls also make sure you concult with your PS as well!! Good Luck Muah..
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Hi there, welcome!

From what I can gather from reading up on it, you wear the board and foam under your compression garment, in order to give your buttocks a particular shape!

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Hi Kirsty where can I find a board or at least the website for it
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Hi Dyna,

I haven't actually bought anything like that so I'm not sure where would be best. I've put a couple of links below to some reviews where the ladies have pretty detailed lists about what to buy and where to buy them. Hopefully this will help!




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Lipoexpress sells them

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