Any Board Cert. Docs in PA Who Perform Microdroplet Silicone Injections for Acne Scars?

  • sharfin
  • Lansdale, PA
  • 3 years ago

After cystic acne into my 20s, I had Dermabrasion, Accutane w/Co 2 laser x 2 following & collagen injections all done in the '80s. I still have areas of vitilago/redness from lasers (although I've used sunscreen daily). I remain w/rolling & some boxcar scarring. Now at 53 w/aging, my scarring looks worse. In researching, seems like Silicone inject. may be my best bet...I don't want laser tx. Is there anyone w/extensive experience doing this in PA? Sorry..trouble downloading pics. Thank you.

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