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Blue eyed ladies used latiesse?

  • Vancouver4532
  • Vancouver, BC
  • 3 years ago

I am interested in buying Latisse but I have blue eyes and am concerned about the possible side effect of darkening of the iris. Any blue eyed ladies out there that use / have used Latisse? Has anyone experienced the darkening of the iris?

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I am blue-eyed and also have had no issues. Use a very thin eyeliner brush (not the chunky ones that come with the product) and apply sparingly to upper lash line. This also makes the product last much longer. I squeeze it into a separate travel container and just dip the little brush in; put the lid on very tightly so it doesn't evaporate away.
I have used Latisse for over 2 years and have blue eyes. I have had no problems with my iris. The only problem I have is the skin around my eyes are red and look irritated so I am going to a smaller brush and see if that helps.

I have blue eyes and have had no issues, but I use a small eyeliner brush and am very careful not to get any of the product in my eyes. 

Latisse is generally applied once a day and at the base of upper eyelashes.I am using it since 6 months, but never seen any side effect of darkening of the iris. Latisse is the FDA-approved treatment to grow lashes longer, fuller, darker.

I am blue eyed and have used Latisse for over one year. I have not experienced any eye color change.