Blocked artery from juvaderm injection?

  • torontodisaster
  • Toronto, ON
  • 3 years ago

Has anyone experienced a blocked artery from a juvaderm injection? If yes please share your experience including any permanent damage

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I received my first juvederm injection on Tuesday. By Wednesday I noticed a small, splotchy, red rash starting on my nose and spreading to my cheek. I thought it was either compression bruising from the massaging or from me sleeping on my side the night before. After researching my symptoms I started to get nervous. I called my doctor right away and became more alarmed when she left her clinic 2 hours away to see me at 8pm. She confirmed the juvederm had blocked an artery and the splotchy rash was actually blockage of blood. I then sat in her office for 3 hours getting injections of Hylaronadaise. This is the most unpleasant needle I have ever experienced. The needle is larger than ones used for Botox or Juvederm. The enzyme burns and stings as the acid cuts through the filler. I am on day 3 of enzyme treatments. I still have a re splotchy rash and swelling on my left face/mouth. Since only the left side of my mouth/face was affected, they are only agreeing to dissolve that side which leads me to believe that at the end of this nightmare I will be lopsided and will have to either get injected again with Juvederm (risk this happening again) or go through the enzyme treatment on the right side. The office has not offered me any sort of restitution in this matter. I am so discouraged and scared the damage will be permanent. The risk is not worth the reward in my opinion. I am learning a very hard lesson.
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I too just had a bad experience with the injection, see my post with pics on juvederm site here. How are you doing? I've had hyperbaric oxygen at my expense but can't afford anymore.
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Hello! I seriously hope they are not making you pay for the correction? My doctor fully refunded me, did everything necessary to heal the issue, and even comp'd me a full syringe should I decide to revisit juvederm. Trust me, these issues are seriously and if your doctor is not taking it seriously then you should seek retribution another way. In most cases, when an artery is blocked it is the nurse's error. I hope your doctor smartens up!
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I think this is what is going on with me at the moment I'm so scared!!! Did it hurt
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Hi torontodisaster,

You should check out MasonGirl's experience with Botox, they too had a blocked artery/nerve. It might help.


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