Blepharoplasty: did you have last minute second thoughts?

  • Cody21
  • 2 years ago

I'm having upper/lower (transconjunctival) bleph Friday with CO2 laser resurfacing of my lower lids.  I am very nervous today (Weds) to the point of considering cancelling. In addition to the lower lid fat protrusion, I have significant tear troughs.  I have had so many opinions about what procedure(s) I should have.  Although we talked about fat repositioning, this doctor will not do it on me and says that, if necessary, Restylane is a better option after the bleph/laser if anything is needed for the troughs.  I really don't want to be dependent upon Restylane in the future. My gut tells me that fat repositioning is a better solution, but I only saw one other doctor who recommended that approach.  (The others may not have been trained in that that technology/procedure or lasers.)  All the others wanted to do a subciliary incision for my lower lids, and I am confident that that's the wrong approach.  But, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know?  I only know it's my face, and taking too much fat will make the hollows worse in my troughs. (And of course my doctor knows this, but all of a sudden I am having a "confidence crisis.") Did any of you get a severe case of nerves as your day of surgery approached to the point of wanting to cancel or postpone?  I would postpone and look for more opinions except I fear my doctor will say:  "you're going to be too hard to please...I would prefer not to do your surgery" if I postpone.  And I think this is an excellent doctor...but how do I REALLY know? Sigh...