Blepharoplasty: did you have last minute second thoughts?

  • Cody21
  • 2 years ago

I'm having upper/lower (transconjunctival) bleph Friday with CO2 laser resurfacing of my lower lids.  I am very nervous today (Weds) to the point of considering cancelling. In addition to the lower lid fat protrusion, I have significant tear troughs.  I have had so many opinions about what procedure(s) I should have.  Although we talked about fat repositioning, this doctor will not do it on me and says that, if necessary, Restylane is a better option after the bleph/laser if anything is needed for the troughs.  I really don't want to be dependent upon Restylane in the future. My gut tells me that fat repositioning is a better solution, but I only saw one other doctor who recommended that approach.  (The others may not have been trained in that that technology/procedure or lasers.)  All the others wanted to do a subciliary incision for my lower lids, and I am confident that that's the wrong approach.  But, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know?  I only know it's my face, and taking too much fat will make the hollows worse in my troughs. (And of course my doctor knows this, but all of a sudden I am having a "confidence crisis.") Did any of you get a severe case of nerves as your day of surgery approached to the point of wanting to cancel or postpone?  I would postpone and look for more opinions except I fear my doctor will say:  "you're going to be too hard to please...I would prefer not to do your surgery" if I postpone.  And I think this is an excellent doctor...but how do I REALLY know? Sigh...    

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Cody: Your gut is right in my opinion. I really think you should cancel for several reasons. If your doctor is wanting you to depend on Restylane and not on his/her skill of rotating a living pedicle of lower eyelid fat into the tear trough area I think he/she is looking at the whole operation in the wrong frame of mind. I am not a plastic surgeon or any kind of doctor but I've done enough research to see that your gut feeing is right. You should get a PS who is willing to redistribute the infraorbital fat, tighten the loose skin, remove most of the discoloration and much more. Just my opinion. I think you should consider the one doctor you saw that talked about repositioning the fat.
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I think, this is normal because i had the same feelings. If you find that doctor good, then he might be saying right. He might have found that better for your skin and health. I had an eyelid surgery with an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, Dr Solomon. Prior to surgery i was very anxious and worried. Was confused like you. But this doctor understood my feelings and was very concerned of my comfortabilty. He just explained what to expect from the surgery and also about what he is gonna do. he showed me some photographic results on how i would look after the treatment. I felt really relieved. Anyways, the results came out successful and i am very happy now. If you still have questions about anything associated with the surgery, see this page
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