am a black woman with very dark inner thighs and armpits!!!Help!!!

  • jowang
  • 9 months ago

I am a black woman{ebony some say chocolate colour}.I have very dark inner thighs and armpits for a very long time.It has truly affected my confidence and relationships.I am very hygiene conscious so am sure its not fungi.Please please help!!!

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Trust me I tried a kinda of laser Spend so much on peeling and everything possible But nothing works like hydroquinone Normally people use 2-4% But this proderma has 10% which is very high and effective But u have to b very careful when using Apply in a pea size not too much else ull burned
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Try proderma light 10% HQ body cream It's a cream with hydroquinone Google it !!! Good luck ;)
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Tokyo Love Shop has very good whitening creams that don't have any damaging chemicals. They are my top favorite company because their products work so fast and they don't test on animals, but if you want to get something cheaper, I recommend Cathy Doll L-glutathione cream. For armpits, it is best to stop shaving and start waxing, epilating, or get laser hair removal. That takes care of any darkening caused by scarring. Sometimes the type of deodorant you use makes a huge difference, too. For that, I recommend crystal deodorant because it is completely natural and does not affect your lymphatic system like name brand deodorants. Crystal has many different types of deodorant, such as roll on, spray, etc.
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