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A little bit of stitches left after surgery?

  • nicoletash
  • Potomac, MD
  • 3 years ago

I got my stitches taken out on monday and today(thursday) after looking at my nose there is a small, black, piece of my stitches that wasn't taken off my nostril. These are not dissolvable stitches and i'm really stressed out about it. I'm only 17 so i asked my mom and she told me to just pull it out with tweezers. i disinfected some tweezers and tried to do it several times but it hurt and i couldn't get it out. I have an appointment to go see my surgeon in a week. Can i just wait until then? My mom won't take me earlier since the office is two hours away. I'm kind of freaking out..

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@nicoletash - thanks for posting.  I'm sure your surgeon's office would provide you with good advice, but in the meantime here's doctor Q&A about rhinoplasty stitches.  Hope these help.