Binders, Second Stage Garments, Spanx and Flexees oh my...

  • 2 years ago

You ladies continue to make me laugh!  I have been jotting down some of you best comments and tips.   Seems everyone has the same binder issues.  I love your funny comments and humor with this process!

Adventures of Compression Garment Hell

It seems that ladies all over the RealSelf site have the same love hate relationship with their compression garments.   And why do we have to wear the darn things?  Oh yeah I remember now….to help with the “Swell Hell”.  Like that makes it feel any better and go away faster.  Hmmmm?

And a number of you have become very creative in trying to make them comfortable.

Comfort measures attempted:
1. Padding at the hip area with maxi pads.
2. Cutting the crotches out.
3. Adding Velcro to the crotch for easier exit.
4. Cutting it down lower below the breasts.
5. Wearing a cotton tank top underneath.
6. Stuffing it with sox on the incision line…now that would definitely make you look like you had a man package. 
7. Washed it in fabric softener only to find it fell apart..Oops

Funny comments by fans of the garments:
1. Shit Scooby this thing hurts.
2. I can’t breathe, is that normal?  But I really need my air.
3. I feel like a sausage stuffed in a wet suit.
4. OMG I think I might die in this thing.  Please don’t let them bury me in it.
5. It makes me feel all squishy inside.
6. Only 500 more weeks to go in the hell device..wee!
7. Really, what kind of person invented this thing?  Not very nice.
8. Should it be so tight that my eyes are popping out of my head?
9. I forgot to pull the thingy down when I went to the bathroom and peed all over myself.
10. I am pretty sure I will have to jump off the roof to get in this thing. 

They provide this sense of crazy comfort and without them you feel like your guts may fall out.  You want out of it so badly!  But this relationship you have developed with the thing won’t let you be free.