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A Binder Love Hate Relationship...what to do

  • 2 years ago

Who is struggling with a binder love hate relationship.  It itches, rubs, burns, pokes, squeezes, and yet I am so attached to it.

Suggestions for making this thing more comfortable please!!

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I think my binders have become a part of my everyday wardrobe! LOL! My PS wants me to continue wearing the light support garments every day. I've got a drawer full of undies with "super high under your boobies" waists. I have to admit, I feel more confident & secure in them! The surgical one at night doesn't seem to do anything but get in the way or ride up on my hips which doesn't help. Command Decision: I'm not wearing that one anymore! Maybe next month I can stop all garments! Fingers crossed :-)
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I have a love/hate relationship with my binder as well. I can't stand to be without it! I sleep in it every night even though my PS has given me the ok to stop wearing it. I feel that it really does help with all the swelling.
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Yes I can relate. I seem to itch more when I have it on but it's the only thing that gives me the support that need and keeps the swelling down.
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Oh my this sounds like the story of my relationship with the OK when I first had the surgery I wanted to burn the darn thing and now almost 2 months later Its like a security blanket. I still sleep in it every night! My doc said its not necessary but I can tell the difference in my swelling.I moved mine down a bit on my hips in the beginning and that helped a lot. Now, I just tighten it based on my swelling or just for support. Good Luck on your search for comfort.
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