To bind or not not to bind? Your thoughts

  • Nicks Mom
  • San Francisco
  • 3 years ago

My PS told me today me today that when I get my TT I will not need a binder and that I would only have 1 drain. He said he that the binder is old school and the the new stiching he uses will reduce the normal swelling. .?.?.?.? And so won't need an additional drain. sounds to me from this sight that you do need the binder for support and to keep the swelling down. Ladies your thoughts?

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I am 4 weeks post op, and loved my binder. I wore it day and night for the first 4 weeks, except the last 2 nights.

PS said I didn't need it anymore, but should wear it whenever I want, for comfort or security.

I think some people hate the binder and quit wearing it very quickly. While mine did ride up and become a nuisance, it was very comforting to wear.

With the muscle repair, I felt snug in my binder, and didn't worry about bumping or pressure. Honestly, I feel quite lost without it, but can always use it if I feel it's needed.

I do believe the compression helps the swelling, which is why I no longer need it. The swelling now is below my belly button, so wasn't covered by my binder. Now, I am wearing a control panty, to add some compression to the swollen area. He said I could wear Spanx, but didn't really need the compression on the upper abdomen, since it's not swollen.
Soulds to me like your PS is doing a version of the no drain quilting stitch tummy tuck which is the surgery I had.

For me it was wonderful - no drains at all and hardly any swelling which could just be my good luck as (from what I've read here) swelling seems to be a primary complaint about TT surgery. Plus I recovered very fast which again, could just be me.

As for the surgical compression garment, I only had to wear one for a week and then it was my choice to wear a stage 2 or Spanx. I happen to love wearing my Spanx because it made me feel secure - again my personal choice.

Best Wishes!