Bilateral Mastectomy A year in my treatment.

  • maryne
  • 2 years ago

I had BRCA in 2007. i had a lumpectomy and Mammosite radiation followed by chemo(never again). Recurrence 2010.. had bilateral mastectomy 2/3/2010. because of the radiation my right side is a giant scar.  It's thick and not allowing my "shape" to look natural.  The expanders were over the top painful and in Oct 2010 i finally got the exchange. Silicone. they feel pretty good but my shape on the right side is not great.  the scar tissue is very thick on my right side (radiation side). I'm very nervous when I go back for my next surgery that the surgeon will tell me that the scar tissue ruin things and I'll end up needing a skin graft or worse ... he'll take my implants out. I havent even got to the discussion of nipple reconstruction. Dread that too.  I trust my PS. he's gotten me thru alot of this but .. Has anyone else had reconstruction post radiation and had problems?