Biggest mistake I ever made

  • 6 years ago

Being in the entertainment industry, as a ballroom dancer, I wanted to "refresh" my look. Thought that lifestyle lift would do the trick. I look exactly the same, went through hell, and still have numbness behind my ears. It's been over a year. The recovery could not have been worse than a full face lift, my ears stick out, the procecure was similiar to a cattle call. Office was overbooked and my surgery was delayed by hours. Recovery was only explained to me after the surgery. Several of the downsides were never brought up during the initial consultations. When you see those women on the ads,,,,rest assured,,,,they had more done than just a lifestyle lift. More deception. Waste of time,,,waste of money and permanently caused numbness in my ears and ears that now stick out more than they ever did.....BAD BAD BAD IDEA,,,,don't believe ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU IN CONSULTATION. THESE ARE GIRLS WITH NO OTHER BACKGROUND OR EDUCATION, NEVER HAD A FACE LIFT,,,GET PAID BY NUMBERS OF PEOPLE THEY CAN HOOK INTO THIS SHAM. DON'T LISTEN IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO,,,BUT BELIEVE ME,,,IT'S AN HONEST WARNING AND HOPEFULLY A HELPFUL ONE...TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.