Too big breast implants causing back pain?

  • china0810
  • Las Vegas
  • 4 years ago

I was size 32A, had breast augmentation a week ago, but my breast are too big, and my back hurts. What can I do?

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Found a chiropractor that has written a blog on this - http://richmondhillgachiropractor(dot)com/2011/06/12/does-breast-augmentation-lead-to-back-pain/
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Hi china0810,

What you're feeling isn't uncommon. Even something as benign as changing your hair color can throw off your self-perception, so it makes sense to me that significantly altering your breast size could produce those same feelings ten-fold.

I bet if you give your body some time to recover and adjust to the new implants you'll feel more comfortable with them.

Your breasts were very small before, so it's going to take some time to get used to it, plus your muscles will need to re-learn how to carry your upper body now that you have a bit more weight upfront.

If, after your recovery is complete, you still feel they're too big, talk to your doctor about doing a revision surgery to replace them with smaller implants.

Good luck :) April

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