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Is my bellybutton position too close to scar?

  • Dallas929
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

Is my bellybotton position too close to scar? It is less then 2 inches apart This picture is 7 days post op. Does the skin expand between the scar and bellybotton overtime. I was hoping to have at least 4 inches between the scar and the bellybutton. Is there anything I can do now?

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@ sunshine627 Your scar line looks perfect and you look great! The space has expanded about an inch or 2 for me as I stand up straighter. The placement of the bellybutton is perfect now that I can see the results a little better 5 weeks postop!
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I have had the same question! My BB is less than 2 inches from my scar line too. I see so many pictures of other TT's and they appear to be much further apart. You look fantastic so far. My PS told me that I have a very short mid-section and it was the perfect placement. Check out my pictures on my Mommy Makeover review...
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Thank You! This is such a nerve wracking process. I made my profile pict my before pict. And as you can see there was a csection fold there and see how far the bellybotton is from the previous scar?
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Yes it sure is!  It will be fine once you are standing up straight and healed up a bit more.
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I think  our belly button looks good:)  It looks like the exact same placement as mine.  You also appear to have a nice low scar line. 

Lookin good!
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I'm no expert and Kimmers can prob answer this question but I read somewhere that as u heal and are able to stand upright the distance somewhat changes.

Your belly looks great though!
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