Belly button infection after tummy tuck

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I am 9 days Post Op. Tummy tuck & breast aug. I am healing fast. All my drains were pulled b/c my last drain was under 20cc. This morning I noticed a fowl smell & I had a follow up scheduled. I was told to leave steri strips on. His asstnt said it looked infected so she gave me a 3 day antibiotic. I would like to get a second opinion on how I should care for it. I would also like to know why it looks like a Star Trek symbol. Is this normal? Should I shower?

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The researchers have recorded a large number of new microbes. Navels can be hot and ticklish. The facts are that not everybody goes in there with cleansing soap, baby oil and Q-Tips. Experts at the Belly button Biodiversity project are depending upon that lack of care, as the microbes remaining behind are too fascinating to ignore. It's a true story about divergent evolution, and it's a page-turner. I read this here: New belly button bacteria furthers study of evolution
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Here is what some doctors have to say about possible belly button infection. Your remark about the Star Trek symbol kind of cracked me up, but I see what you mean. Is that still the case? Or has it resolved in the past months?

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