Belly Button draining after Tummy Tuck?

  • Tara35
  • Moose Jaw, Sask Canada
  • 2 years ago

 I recently had the following surgeries done about 3 1/2 weeks ago.  Fully tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation.  All of my wounds are healing very well. howver I was to get my belly button stiches out 10 days after the tummy tuck and they were not ready to coe out.  They were left in and the doctor took 1/2 of them out 17 days later and was going to take the rest out a month later.  I was told when he took 1/2 of them out that a stich had ripped and caused a small hole and that I need to clean it with saline solution and apply an anitibiotic cream day and night.  I was told that it would have discharge in the form of red blood and clear liquid. And to clean it often. Today I went back to the doctor as it was really leaking badly.  My doctor removed the other stiches and said again as the first time I went that it was not infected and looked like it was healing well, however dischare is still comming out.  He advised me to cut down on my physical activity and again to continue to clean it and us the anitbiotic cream day and night. It looks like it is healing well and is not red or have smelly discharge.  Now the dicharge is a brownish red and watery several days later. Is this because the stiches (sutures) were left in to long?  When will the discharge stop drainging?  It is not infected but is taking a long time to heal, is this due to all the surgeries I had?  Is the normal? Discharge is leaking through gause and I have had to put a maxi pad there so it will not leak through my compression garment.   Thanks Tara.  

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Your doctor would definately know best but if something starts to worry you, or you get a fever or chills I would definately contact him. When did you have your drains removed? It kind of sounds like the same type of drainage or fluid that comes out of the drainage tubes. Mine started out red and then turned a brownish yellow color toward the end. Maybe it is fluid collection coming out of your belly button and it is making it hard to heal. I would keep a close eye on it, wear your compression garment tightly but not constricting. Call your doctor immediately if anything changes. Take care of yourself!
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