Belly Button Collapse

  • mixter
  • New Jersey
  • 3 years ago

Hey ladies, I have a friend who works for a PS in Chicago and she mentioned that I should ask my PS for the gel to prevent my belly button from collapsing. Has anyone heard of this before?

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So I got the name of the gel which is supposed to help with belly button collapse. It's called
New Gel+ Dia sphere belly button. Product NG-900.

The PS my friend works for is a very reputable doc located in the Chicago area. I'm going to ask my PS around this when I go in for my presurgery appointment.
thanks for the heads up!
This the first I hear about it.
I suggest that we make a point of asking our PS's when we go in. That way if it does happen, we won't be surprised.
No! Ahh that sounds horrible! Does anyone know about this?