Am I being unrealistic having a tummy tuck done with a 6 month baby at home?

  • madmom2three
  • 1 year ago

Ill have support from hubby with the baby and other two kids ages 4 and 6. Will recovery be too much to handle on top of caring for baby? Anyone have this procedure done with young children to care for?

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I would say that if you have around the clock help for *at least* one week, it is doable. I personally would wait until the baby was close to walking age so you could hold his hand and take him (or her) places as opposed to carrying. I am on PO day 6 and I would be stressed out if my kids were that young...but I am one of those anal moms who think only I do things the right way ;) My boys are 4,7, and 10 and they were at grandparents the first 4 days. My husband is working from home this week, so it hasnt been that bad. They actually help me alot and are very sweet kids. One thing is that they are rowdy and argue and that makes me tense up in my tummy which isn't fun.
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Hi. U r not unrealistic. I have a 6 month old, twin 12 yr olds, and a 10 yr old. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow. My ps said I could lift under 20 lbs after 1 week. I am getting around just fine. The first 4 days are the worst. U will definitely need help for the first week. I still do get swollen and sore, but nothing intolerable. My husband stayed home for a week and a half. After 1 week I was back to doing everything. Every day is different. Yesterday I felt wonderful and probably overdid it because today I'm sore. Don't be discouraged. U can definitely do this. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Good luck
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Wow! I am truly impressed! There is no way I could have handled a little one. But I don't have a very high tolerance for pain, and I find managing the pain from all the surgery kind of exhausting. I had lipo on my stomach about 7 years ago and I guess I didn't follow the doctors instructions to a T (that and I had a horrible Dr), but I ended up with a mess of a gut. So, this time around, I'm pretty much sitting or laying around as much as humanly possible. But, again, that's just me. It's so interesting to hear how everyone handles their surgery and recoveries!
Im glad to hear its doable! In so impatient andwant this surgery done and over with so I can move on with a body I feel comfortable in. Did you breastfeed or return to work? If so, how did that work out and how soon did u return to work . Im thinking of taking two weeks off
My doc put no restrictions on lifting at all...I even asked as I watch my grandson 2 days a week and I dont wanna do anything I'm not supose to do. I'm glad to also read this is doable...thanks I love that I found this site prior to my big day!!
I am not breastfeeding. Also, I am very lucky to work from home. I did speak to my ps previous patients. One was a police officer. She went back 11 days po but on light duty. The other was a teacher and went at two weeks. I do have to say that I have a very high pain tolerance. I was expecting it to be really bad. As a matter of fact, when they woke me from anesthesia and sent me home I was regretting surgery. Not because of pain. I just hated being soooo sleepy. My husband was a saint and woke me for pain meds. It was very hard not to pick my baby up the first week, but I put a pillow on my belly and fed him often by day 4. By two weeks u can do everything(with caution) I'm doing laundry, driving kids everywhere, cookingetc. I do feel sore at times, then I slow down. U just have to have patience, and being that I have a Busy household 3 weeks flew By!! Do not be discouraged. I was off pain meds by day 4. U can do this.
Thank you for your response. Your story encourages me that I can do this. I have a high tolerance for pain as well but im expecting the worse and trying to prepare myself for the worst. Dr said I can still breastfeed when im done with pain meds so thats also encouraging.
btw, I think you should post this question under the January Tummy Tuckers board. The gals there are VERY helpful!
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Hi there! I am currently 13 days po. My two youngest children are 8 and 10. From what some of the other gals, who do have young children, have said, it is very tough. You cannot lift over 5lbs for quite a while after the tt. I would check with you PS for his opinion. I certainly would not want to discourage a TT, but I know that, for me, I would never have done it with a baby. Ive had a hard enough time as it is, just trying to take care of myself.
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I personally would not have chosen to do this surgery with a baby! Although I did have C sections with my girls, this surgery has a much longer recovery time. I am ten weeks post op and still have aches and spasms. I was back at work from home at 8 dpo & travelling for woke two weeks post op but at home I was not much good till much later. I have two kids who are eight and ten and three teenage stepsons living at home. I can't imagine being responsible for a baby or toddler. Also, at six months past pregnancy, are you already at your goal weight? It seems fast to me...I know my shape was still changing after nine or twelve months postpartum.
Im within 15 pounds of my prepregnancy weight. Im not scheduled for tt until May 2013 so I will be right where I want to be weight wise by then. Hubby is supportive so hopefully he can pull through for at least two weeks being primary caretaker...with my guidance ofcourse. I told him that was his birthday gift to me.
Do you work outside the home? If the kids are all you will be responsible for after those two weeks, I think it is doable. If you are working full time outside the home and coming home to a baby and young kids, you might have a really hard time post Op. I know for me, even at ten weeks out, my primary energy goes to doing my paid work, then to building my endurance at the gym which is quite pitiful now, and then to housework,, cooking, laundry, etc. Just working and caring for me has taken a lot of effort post op. Having young kids would have made it harder. Of course if I had a snuggly baby. Maybe it would have made me feel better! ;)
Also please realize that you will be swollen and uncomfortable for at least two months, probably is just a really long recovery. I was expecting it to be a lot more similar to a C section than it has been.