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Before You Make Up You Mind...

  • lynessy
  • 2 years ago

I am sad to see so many people with ipl horror storied but even more disappointed when I see someone has not had the procedure done say that they have decided not to try ill because of someone else's scary story. I have been an esthetician for 7 years and found that in the spa industry in Canada, many things are not closely regulated. Literally anyone who owns a spa can purchase these machines and let whom ever use them on clients (example:allowing your nail technician to read the manual and then preform facial procedures or even a business owner with no actual esthetic background). I encourage people to research the the specific spa or office they are considering going to and to remember that anything can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. The science of ipl has been proven to have great effects on treating many skin conditions. If your curious, at the spa I work at now: 1) after cleansing the face and putting on your protective eye wear a cold medical fell is applied to the treatment sit (similar to ultrasound gel). The gel makes the procedure more comfortable and reduces risk of burns significantly 2) after ipl procedure is complete and gel is removed, a cooling/ hurrahing face mask is applied. This again helps cool the skin after treatment 3) mask is removed and healing cream and SPF is applied 4) client is sent home with ice pack and post treatment info sheet 5) for client that a very new to the procedure and had a lot of questions regarding their skin we usually call them 2 weeks after to see how their skin is doing.