Any BBL'ers post op 6months, 1 year or more? Has your butt remained the same?

  • Tamika1088
  • 2 years ago

I am very concerned about the whole re-absorption of the fat with injections. I want to invest my money in a BBL but I would like to hear from any BBL'ers who have had surgery a while ago and STILL have retained their results. My major concern is that it will look good for about 6 months but then it will go back to what I had before. So my question to you post op BBL'ers is: When did you have your surgery? How big was your butt before the surgery? (Size of clothes is helpful too) How big was your butt after the surgery? How big is it now? (Size of clothes helpful in all 3 questions) Were you satisfied with it then? Are you satisfied with your results NOW?