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BBL without a Tummy tuck, will it still look okay?

  • Lkay
  • Lakewood, NJ
  • 2 years ago

Hey everyone. I have sent my pictures into many doctors to get quote for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Most doctors recommended a tummy tuck along with a BBL. I do not have enough money for both at this time and to me, the BBL is more important. I will get a tummy tuck later on when I have more money. My question is, how will my stomach look after they lipo it all out? Will it be completely flat with just some wrinkles in my skin because of the pregnancy? Because if thats so, I dont mind that. I just dont want it to look horrible or worse or my stomach to not be flat. Please help!   Thanks :) -Tara

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thank you for the picture! looks like you have some excess skin already in the stomach area. getting lipo in that area would probably add to the skin sagging issue. I would not get lipo there. If $ is an issue , i'd definitely save up and just get my BBL done in the meantime.

I personally did the BBL + TT and lipo and I can assure you it's not for the weak of heart lol. I was very uncomfortable and only able to sleep on my sides at first. Eventually I had to sit on my tush which is not a desirable position in the first 1-3 weeks after getting a BBL.

I'd hold off on the TT
Hello My PS does not do lipo on the belly because he says that the skin will sag this is what I think, If your PS does smart lipo which I 've heard it shrinks the skin then you might want to ask your PS if this will be possible for you to get....hope it helps...:)
Hello 143me4eva i also have been told i need a tummy tuck ......Am going to dr ,Salama may 23,2013 for bbl but am not going to do tt yet am going to do the bbl .......if i have alot of saggy skin then i will go back in get the tt...............
This is a great question I was considering the same thing. Most doctors recommend getting the procedures done separately anyway. The skin shouldn't be unbearable. Considering your size. I can't wait to get my bbl also goodluck