Looking for the best BBL surgeon in MIAMI!

  • I LEAN
  • Miami, FL
  • 3 years ago

After fighting the desire to have this surgery for YEARS (I have always been so against surgery), I've finally decided that I'm going to have it... no ifs, ands or BUTTS! I'm not looking to have JLO's ass... more like Jessica Biel's butt would be spectacular. I'm tall... I don't need a huge butt to attract even more attention. But some roundness and definition is what I'm looking for. So I'm on the hunt for the BEST BBL SURGEON IN MIAMI! I've heard Mendieta is the best, blah blah... and yes, going to his site, he has beautiful booties there. But surgeon's only post their very best work on their sites. And even though I've heard Mendieta is the most expensive (which would make us assume he's the best), I only saw 4 overall reviews for him on this site and they weren't even that great. So I'm asking all of you lovely ladies to chime in... who do you think is the best?!?!???