BBL Sistas I Need Advice & a Referral: Does BBL Smooth Out Dimples & Cellulite? I Want a Perkier Butt Without Dimples!

  • prettyfierce
  • 1 year ago

I've always had a nice coke bottle shape naturally. But, my body changed after my child and now that I'm older my measurements are 34 26 39 and my butt is still heart shaped.  But over the years it has dropped and is starting to get dimpled.  I want a butt lift to make it fuller (like it used to be) to sit up higher and smooth out the dimples.  Does anyone know if this is possible or realistic?  I've seen many after pics of BBL procedures where the dimples are gone completely on Dr Shahine's website (this is amazing to me and very exciting to see!).  But, I haven't seen it on a lot of other BBL pic procedures.  So, I'm wondering if the smoothing is only temporary (his patient pics are right after surgery) or have you seen dimples smoothed out permanently?  Any feedback would be really helpful!  Thanks!  I'm desperate to get rid of dimples and have a perky butt again!  Any referrals to good Dr is apreciated as well!  Has anyone seen their dimples smoothed out after having BBL??

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