**BBL Shopping List, Glossary, Before/After Gallery and 20 Essential Questions Answered by Dr. Andrew Jimerson Now Available!**

  • 1 year ago

We know a lot of you BBL ladies have been asking, for a long time, to get a good BBL preparation list going. We've taken the hint, gotten together a few of the more experienced BBL girls and put together a list of all of the important things you'll need to buy, when having your BBL.

There are links below to the BBL Prep list, a BBL glossary/slang, for all new girls, who may not know some of the terms and expressions used in the BBL community and an awesome before/after gallery of some of the most popular BBL outcomes! Please share any extra information you may have, in the comments of the guides.

We've also just added 20 Essential Questions - asked by you and answered by Dr. Andrew Jimerson.

BBL Preparation List

BBL Urban Glossary

BBL Before/After gallery

BBL 20 Essential Questions

You can also get to the guides really easily, by clicking the "guide" tab at the top of the page.