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Can I have a BBL if I am "plus size" or Anyone with Pics of BBL by Dr. Hedden

  • SexySmurff
  • Kansas City, KS
  • 2 years ago

I want a BBL and out of the few doctors I've contacted so far Dr. Hedden is the only that is willing to do my BBL without a TT. I am not interested in a tummy tuck. I was told by another doc that I need a TT or I would have loose skin after the lipo of the abdomen, so I suggested to that doc to do lipo of other areas (back, flanks, thighs) but avoid abs so therefore I would not have lose skin in that area. I heard something along the lines (from a receptionist) that the belly fat is the best fat to put in the butt, that’s why they want to take it from that area. Has anyone heard this before?? I have yet to see any of Dr. Hedden's BBL work, all his other work looks great, but I am still interested in seeing some BBL work. He said he could do the smart lipo on the belly and that would help with tightening of the skin, so I would not need a TT. This is music to my ears. Any help, tips, info is greatly appreciated.

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