BBL Inventions - What Have You Come Up With?

  • SoShamelesslyMe
  • Northern California
  • 1 year ago

Id love to hear about....and see photos of...your ideas for items that made your recovery easier. For example I saw a post about cutting out the seat of a fold-out chair so that you can sit during the 2 week "no no" time (Photo is "ForeverBooty's"). Also buying the REALLY thick foam from the fabric store and cutting out a hole so you can sleep on your back. Anyone make a homemade Ab board? Any other ideas??

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I have nothing to add but these are some great ideas...I'm doing research on that right now! Great ideas ladies!!
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I have 2 but they were not my original idea...forgot who they belong too. One is the massage head thing (I have a pic on my review) that slides in between matresses and allows you to sleep face down. It is wonderful and easy to transport. The other is a camp type of chair that allows you to sit on your thighs and not your ass. It isn't the most comfie but even though I love the cut out butt chair as above it might not look so good in our professional office. I totally LOVE ideas. Apparently too one of the doctors has his own chair out there and I have been trying to figure out what it is but no responses yet.
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This is an awesome idea for a forum post! It goes great with the BBL Preparation List guide that we have!

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