BBL in Atlanta Area......ATL or Miami.....leaning Towards Salama's

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Wow..... new to the site and so glad I stumbled on it. I have always been the "flat one" & considering a BBL for the past 3-4 years. I finally decided that I am ready to go through with the BBL and was wondering if there was anyone in the Atlanta area that has went to or familiar with the work of Dr Jimerson or Dr Okoro. I live in South GA and wanted to stay as close to home as possible that's why i was considering Atlanta Dr's. But I have been looking at Dr Salama's work & I'm loving it!

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Did you ever get your surgery done? I went to Dr. Okoro and I am very pleased with his work. My booty is just what I wanted, didnt want a ghetto booty but one that wqas proportioned. He did an excellent job on my lipo and booty. He did a really good job on this other girl who thought she needed a tummy tuck, but end up getting lipo and her stomach is flat as a board.
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Hey Hun. I spoke to them & they cleared up ALOT . I won't need a tummy tuck & they can give me the big enuf ass I want with my fat. I also spoke to another female who just had this done 12days ago by him. She looks great. So I'm excited
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Maybe when they call back tomorrow you'll be able to clarify. I hope you post before and after pics ( only if you're comfortable of course ) and keep updating us here for awhile post op. It helps so much for us ladies trying to make decisions about the long term results.
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cinnamon2: yea ur so right. ive talking to one of his patients last wk. & she LOVES it. im worried because i sent pics to him 2wks ago & he told me i was a great candidate. however i called bk & was askin more questions &one of the staff told me send closer pics because the resolution was bad. i told her im 6mon post & my belly has stretched some. ill. know the answer tomorrow. however wat im upset about is from what I've been reason is that tummy tuck only work on loose skin. i CLEARLY told him i DID NOT want a tummy tuck. im only 20 w// 1 child. bt if i wuda never called to ask more questions they wuda nvr asked me for close up pics or to take a,closer look at my elasticity of my skin. now im worried because ive already paid 1000 & if they come bk &tell me ill need a tummy tuck AFTER my consultation & him telling me ill be okay, & AFTER I've paid my nonrefundable $ ill b BEYOND pissed. cause if he wanted better pics they should have told me prior to me paying. ya know
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yea i agree salama does GREAT work bt i called yesterday. the EARLIEST is march 2013. i wanted mine done for my bday september. so i couldn't wait
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Ashley, I was disappointed that my date is sooso far away (Jan 2013) as well. I wanted to be through the worst of it for the holidays, so that means I would have to schedule for Sept or early Oct. I have a ceremony the end of Aug, so I couldn't do anything before then. January is probably best for me so I can save a little more, I'm just being anxious.. Lol.

A lot of doctors in the Q&A section of this site explain why laser is not a good method to harvest fat. Have you had the chance to read those? Ordinarily, we're told we're going to lose a certain percentage of fat due to absorption, so I would hate for you to be 6 months post op when most of the initial swelling is gone to be back to where you started because the laser kills the fat cells before it's even injected. Maybe he has photos he could show you of bbl patients that are at least 6 months post op or longer?? I wouldn't be convinced with photos of bbl patients who recently had the procedure using laser lipo. If you research and find photos of long term results of Dr Okoro please let us know here. Best wishes to you.
Cinnamon2, it looks like Dr. Salama is the "go to guy" on the site. I've been searching for some 6-12 months post op pics and havent been able to find any. let me know if you come across any or any details you have heard about long term effects.
I know, hopefully Dr Salama can have a nice vacation and keep himself rested..

It's funny how you read so many reviews and you try to remember the details, but I know I've read of at least 3 long term post op patients, but I can only remember 2 right now, but if I end up finding more, I will post them here.

Danielle01 - Dr. Bass


Enjoyself - Dr. Salama

Their results are very encouraging.
I've heard seen good results from Salama and at least 1 from Jimmerson. I'm new to the site as well. On Okoro's information page here on RealSelf, it says he does Smartlipo and laser lipo to harvest the fat. I don't know about smartlipo, but I read somewhere that laser lipo ruins the survival rate of the fat.
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I had a consultation with Dr. Okoro and he was very friendly but i felt he wasn't the butt man that i needed..I also wasn't impressed with his unfriendly staff..So thank god i found dr. Jimerson...When you meet him you just know he is the butt king...
.... Lol! We want to see the receipts.... friendly is a plus but experience and evidence is a must. :)
If you go to Dr. J's profile and click reviews, there are about 10 women on here that have gone to him for the BBL procedure.
dr jimerson did an amazing job on my flat butt.. cinnamon2 call his office and ask did someone come from birmingham alabama..i don't have to show receipts because my butt is my receipt..and his staff and nurses are great..

I have actually complimented Jimmerson's work. I was agreeing with you about your comments about your uncertainty with Okoro.
hey hun. im new to this website also. but the girls here are supportive an amazing. i am actually schduled for dr. okoro aug. 06. ill let you know how it goes hun.
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Ashely9921, I know you are excited about your upcoming date. August will be here before you know it. I am scheduled for late October with Dr. Salama. The closer it gets, the more nervous i get...............good luck and keep me posted :)
dr. okoro does not have his own certified surgical room like the swan center or dr Jimerson..Why enter a hospital with sick people when you can go to these places that only operate on healthy people..