BBL Most Likely with Dra. Yily - Any Other Suggestions for Great Doctors?

  • Bella421
  • 1 year ago

I havent done anything yet and wont for a couple of years. I would really like to schedule something for next year but Im not sure if ill have the money for it. I've always knew that after having a baby i wanted a breast augmentation but after looking into it a little more i would really like the BBL.

I first wanted to go to Dra. Robles but after researching a little bit further I'm leaning more to Dra. Yily.. I've seen some awesome work from her and heard that she's great to her patients. I want to get the brazilian butt lift-fat transfer.. also a breast augmentation.. i think shes going to tell me to get a lift.. but i really just want them fuller.. should i get the lift then implants? if anyone has had a great experience from a different doctor and would like to share.. please do. ill be researching it for a while.

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Hi there, welcome!

Are you looking just in the Dominican Republic for doctors, or are you also looking throughout the US?

I have looked around, but I haven't found anyone in the US that I like. Or that I feel can accomplish what I'm looking for.

If you've found that you like Dr. Yily and Dr. Robles, then it might be a good idea to have an initial consultation, send them an email and find out what they think you need. That way you can see if the route they are suggesting is in line with what you think you need.