Anyone Had BBL WITH Dr. Rajae Janho @BELLAFORMA

  • NYC
  • 2 years ago

Hello Ladies I am Planning to have a bbl with Dr. Rajae Janho, I would like to find out if anyone on here has had this procedure done with him and can offer expereience reviews of him and also before and after pictures. I have changed my mind about several plastic surgeons because I would read a negative review and get turned off. I am getting closer to the date I want to have the surgery which is in the 2nd week of Jan and have yet to actually pick a surgeon. So I think that Im gonna go with Dr. J because of pics i had see of another girl on her and she looks great. Also anyone who has had this procedure done in orlando or nyc please pass on info of your dr because I am also flexible to see someone in these cities. I was really thinking about getting the work done abroad but I am really scared.

Hope to hear from you guys soon would like to make a decesion asap!