Has anyone had a BBL with Dr. Osak Omulepu? How were your results?

  • ShiaBBL
  • Miami, FL
  • 1 year ago

Hi Ladies, I'm scheduled for a BBL with Dr. Omulepu on March 2013 and even though I saw good results at the Dr. office, I haven't been able to find further pictures of his work.  Please help! :0

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i am also schedule for surgery with that doctor on march 5 when do you plan on getting your surgery?
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Hi Miss, I cancelled my surgery with Dr. Omulepu. Me personally, I started having second thoughts about his skills and I'm now scheduled with Dr. Yily for April 5th.
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Hi there, welcome!

I've searched the reviews for you but there doesn't seem to be anyone on RealSelf who has been with that doctor, or not that they have mentioned anyway.

Is the doctor able to put you in touch with any former patients that you can talk to?

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hello i have had surgery with dr. omulepu! back in june 26th 2012
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Hi, how did your surgery turn out?
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