BBL With Dr. Jimerson: Would Love Some Advice From You Ladies!

  • Moxiefoxy
  • Texas
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies, I'm new here and have a few questions for former or soon to be patients of Dr. Jimerson of ATL.  First off, I have decided on him and only him. I've had 2 fat transfer procedures done in Chicago, and while I'm not the flat back I once was, I'm not the bombshell I hoped to be. He's expensive but I've paid that and then some considering the pain, cash and less than desired results I've already had to deal with.

Q1- do you ABSOLUTELY have to stay in ATL 10 days? I just started a new gig and I could do 7-8 days, but 10 might be a real problem.

Q2-have any of you heard of ladies scheduling procedures so that they could split hotel and caregiver costs? I'm traveling alone and this would be helpful.

Q3-I'm reading on the forum that ladies have consults and procedures as far out as July 2013. Is that because he's booked til then or for personal reasons?

Thanks in advance. Any insight will be much appreciated, especially on reducing aftercare and housing cost as I'm traveling from chicago and estimate that total cost will be in neighborhood of $11k.

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Q1-- they obviously can't MAKE you stay in ATL for 10 days, but it would be pretty hard to leave if you still have your drains in (the amount of time your drains are in after the procedure depends on you personally and how well you are healing, and how much fluid you produce afterwards). Q2--I've seen a lot of ladies doing this, but it's usually in location like Mexico. A lot of Campos' girls do it because they are staying at Club Med, and that can be pretty pricey. However, Dr. J has hotels very close by to his office that will provide complimentary rides to and from the office, and they offer a special rate just for Dr. J. You can get a hotel room as low as $89/night, so it's totally reasonable. I know one girl who rented a furnished place up by the lake and paid $800 for 10 days, but the drive is like 30-40 mins each way, so prob not a good idea if you are alone. Q3--Yes, he is super booked for consults and surgeries. For example, my original phone consult was not until Feb and surgery in August. However, if you have the finances to do so, pay up front IN FULL. I got instantly moved up to an April surgery and have already had my consult. It's all about showing them you are serious and have the means to pay for the surgery. Dr. J is extremely popular these days and very busy, and there are too many people that want him right NOW, but not that many that can afford to pay for his right NOW. So, if you can pay now, there is your golden ticket...truth.
Thanks for the insight Rell, I fear that I may lose steam if in have to wait until summer. I know I won't be 100%, but I'd like to be well on my way to healing. Good luck and I'll update as things progress! Happy New Year!!
I can give you my opinion in questions 1 and 3, as I haven't had my consult yet but is scheduled for June 10th.... From my opinion wen I was scheduled for my consult the lady I talked to told me I could schedule my surgery immediately thereafter so I'm sure you'll get in before the summer!! As for the other question I believe that they might say ten but I can't see why 7/7 days wouldn't be enough unless you have something go wrong(god forbid) GOOD LUCK
Hey babe! I've never had surgery with him before but it is rare that I see questions posted unless I'm looking for it. You may want to message the ladies DIRECTLY to ask them your questions if you need extra help I talk with one of em on my facebook page I can send you her first and last name so you can message her.
O and btw, I LIVE in metro Atl so anything you need to know about being here, transportation or anything feel free to ask.
That would be great if you could inbox ms her information. My consult I'd on Jan 17 and I have fingers crossed that I can get in before summer. Sure ill have questions for you then. Thx!