BBL With Dr. Jimerson: Would Love Some Advice From You Ladies!

  • Moxiefoxy
  • Texas
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies, I'm new here and have a few questions for former or soon to be patients of Dr. Jimerson of ATL.  First off, I have decided on him and only him. I've had 2 fat transfer procedures done in Chicago, and while I'm not the flat back I once was, I'm not the bombshell I hoped to be. He's expensive but I've paid that and then some considering the pain, cash and less than desired results I've already had to deal with.

Q1- do you ABSOLUTELY have to stay in ATL 10 days? I just started a new gig and I could do 7-8 days, but 10 might be a real problem.

Q2-have any of you heard of ladies scheduling procedures so that they could split hotel and caregiver costs? I'm traveling alone and this would be helpful.

Q3-I'm reading on the forum that ladies have consults and procedures as far out as July 2013. Is that because he's booked til then or for personal reasons?

Thanks in advance. Any insight will be much appreciated, especially on reducing aftercare and housing cost as I'm traveling from chicago and estimate that total cost will be in neighborhood of $11k.