How to Get a BBL Booty with These Exercise Tips, Without Going Under the Knife!

  • Nicole Karlis
  • 1 year ago

Here's a hint, do squats!

Do you guys have other tips? 

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Hi! Thanks for the link .. I am doing the brazilian but lift videos. They work! Butt gets smaller and rounder, the trocantheric depression more pronounced.. My problem is the rest of the torso doesn't respond as well and while my butt is getting smaller my overall shape is becoming more boyish for my waist is keeping te same size. I stopped the videos and realized unless I become super skinny my butt muscles would be hiding under excess skin and fat. Plus I got stretch marks :( After all I the hip waist ratio what determines a good shape .. Shinking the bottom with diet and excersice doesn't work for me no matter of muscular it gets :(. So I am doing squads conservately to retain some if the fat. Thanks! I know these excersices work for some for sure :)
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