BBL with a 5500 Budget?

  • KarentoCandi
  • 1 year ago

I am a mother of 4 . My youngest is 20 months and having her really took a toll on my body. I have lost weight but all from my butt. I dont feel normal, I feel defective, not like myself. I have done my research and it seems the prices are crazy. I have a 5500 budget and need my bbl sisters help to find something in my budget and a good doctor. Please help.

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Hi Karento,

Welcome! You can use our find a doctor feature, to search for board certified, BBL doctors throughout the USA and Canada. Just click on the link, pick the city/state and then the treatment. Once you click on a doctors name you can see all of the reviews for that doctor, including how much each person paid and what they got for that price.

Hope this helps!

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Plenty of doctors in the Miami area offer this price!
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Hmm Dr. Salama, Fl estimate was 8.5K, I am not sure how up-to date those prices for 4.5K in Fl are
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Gabay in ne philly is in ur price range.he quoted me $5000 in June.I'm going to book another consult to c if the price changes
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