BBL with a 5500 Budget?

  • KarentoCandi
  • 1 year ago

I am a mother of 4 . My youngest is 20 months and having her really took a toll on my body. I have lost weight but all from my butt. I dont feel normal, I feel defective, not like myself. I have done my research and it seems the prices are crazy. I have a 5500 budget and need my bbl sisters help to find something in my budget and a good doctor. Please help.

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Hi Karento,

Welcome! You can use our find a doctor feature, to search for board certified, BBL doctors throughout the USA and Canada. Just click on the link, pick the city/state and then the treatment. Once you click on a doctors name you can see all of the reviews for that doctor, including how much each person paid and what they got for that price.

Hope this helps!

Plenty of doctors in the Miami area offer this price!
Hmm Dr. Salama, Fl estimate was 8.5K, I am not sure how up-to date those prices for 4.5K in Fl are
Gabay in ne philly is in ur price range.he quoted me $5000 in June.I'm going to book another consult to c if the price changes