Can I Get a Bbl Done with a 5500 Budget?

  • pepsistar
  • 1 year ago

I am a single mom of four. Having kids have took a toll on my body. I wan a bbl but it seem there are so expensive. My budget is 5500 do you have any advice or good doctors who will work with my budget?

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Only if you go out the US like MX or DR
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Hey there,

Are you looking in any particular state, or country? BBL surgeries in general seem to be increasing in price, but they also depend on how much work you need. Have you had any consultations?


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No, I have not.
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You can use this link to search for doctors throughout the USA and Canada. Once you've clicked on a doctor you can then see reviews by their patients and how much the procedures cost.

You can also use this link to find the average cost of BBL in your area.

Hope this helps!

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