Baseball starts in May and I will only be 6 weeks post op.

  • C_cup_athlete
  • 1 year ago

Hi There,  I am only 3 weeks post op.  I never had any drainage tubes and I have yet to see my PS.  I have an appointment next week to have my stitches removed.  I still have the original tape on my incisions and I wonder if anyone else has had similar experience as me.  I also want to know if any of you play any sports and if so, how soon were you able to play them?  i.e.  golf, bowling, baseball

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Hi, I've just seen your note! I'm a runner and had BR surgery 11 weeks ago. Before the surgery my PS said no running for 3 months and even though I'm nearly at that date, I have to wait until I see him again in 3 weeks to get the all clear to run! I started back at the gym after 7 weeks but only on the reclining bike and I had to ease myself into it. I've just started integrating the cross trainer into my workout and I don't use my arms. I think you really have to experiment and decide for yourself as everyone heals at different rates. Maybe before your baseball season starts you could make a trip to the park and just have a go at batting and see how it feels. I still can't really do anything that puts too much pressure through my chest but everyone is different and if you have youth on your side that might help! The running element of your sport depends on the advice of your PS. There are a lot of internal stitches that need time to heal, and my experience is it's really not comfortable to have them bouncing around too soon! It's tiresome not to be able to engage in your regular athletic activities but bearing in mind what you've just gone through it's a short space in time to sacrifice! Hope this helps, I fear I might have wittered on a bit!