Bad Vs. Good Plastic Surgeons

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Hi.How to know if the P.surgeon you are dealing with is a bad surgeon ..and how to know if he's a good surgeon . how to spot a good surgeon (online) because many times he put a nice before and after photos but then people say don't deal with him he's bad I get confused.

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Surgery can be a daunting experience and choosing a surgeon you can trust and confide in is of paramount importance. London based Plastic, Reconstructive, Burns and Cosmetic Surgeon, Mr Mohammad Jawad, enjoyed a long standing and highly successful NHS affiliation at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where his responsibilities were to look after acute burns and post burns reconstruction along with post weight-loss reconstructive surgery.

It's such a tough question! Starting with board certification is a good first step (yes, you do hear this a lot, but not enough IMHO).

Any medical doctor can provide any medical procedure as soon as they are an MD. Board certification requires that they have a certain amount of training in a particular area. It's like requiring a bachelor's degree for a job; it doesn't make you a perfect candidate, but it does mean you have a certain standard of education that can be compared to others with the same certification.

I've seen stories here of people who went to psychiatrists (who are MDs) for Botox, etc. They may have training in it, or they may not. How do you know? Through board certification.

(Incidentally, we ran the numbers on this and found that people were more satisfied with board-certified doctors than non-BCs. Here's the full report.)

Other than that, you have to read reviews, and do your research (such as techniques, options, etc). And I think you have to like your doctor too, at least enough that you feel comfortable asking them questions or speaking to them if something does go wrong.

To be fair, this type of 'report' is not really scientific and one can't really draw any significant conclusions from it.
My previous question was similar. My situation is difficult to describe succinctly as the care has been so universally poor. Thus one panel MD replied "What kind of question is this? " when I ask "who do I trust? The Real Self answer is always to "see aboard certified plastic surgeon" (BCPS) but I've found truth in the adage "if you ask three plastic surgeons how to do something, you'll get four different ways to do it." ...and not necessarily evidence based suggestions. Disparate answers were offered as indisputable solutions and have resulted in very poor outcomes for me. Hence my question: whom do I trust? That is my starting point. Details of my poor outcomes will be supplied upon request. So, my question: other than discovering after the fact, how do I determine preoperatively
It's always the best to search around. Where are you looking? In your local city, or does the location not matter? I know of a couple great plastic surgeons in Greer, SC! Let me know if you'd like some information about them! If not, I wish you the best of luck on finding someone good!