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How bad is the pain with Invisalign? Also does everyone get bad breath from it, or have their teeth get discolored?

  • volleyballchick97
  • 1 year ago

Im 15 and im getting Invisalign in 2 weeks. I have been reading alot about it to learn more before i actually get it. Alot of people are saying that it hurts, how long does the pain last? How severe is the pain? Also people are saying it gives them bad breath and discoloring their teeth. Does this always happen?  

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I was also suffering from misaligned tooth problem but don't want to tolerate the tortures of metal braces. When I heard about Invisalign, I had decided to use it but before going for the treatment I was a little bit scared about the process but it seems to me comfortable. I feel some difficulties for a day or two when change my braces. As because different person have different pain thresholds and so some people feel more difficulties that other. You never get bad breathe from it if you brush your teeth after every meal. Also to avoid any kind of bad breathe, you need to clean your invisalign braces on a regular basis with the cleaning kit or with luke warm water. If you take care of your invisalign ad wear it more than 20 to 22 hours, it must work as planned.
One thing to always remember, everyone is different! When I would say that my first two days really hurt, you might experience a slight discomfort or nothing at all. Your questions are absolutely valid. Before I started my Invisaline treatment I read everything like you, and yes I was very concerned of all the same issues as you maybe even more. I have to say I was anxious for nothing. Start your journey and look forward to the end of the road. A beautiful and confident you!
I haven't really had any pain except for maybe the first 5 minutes putting in or taking out new aligners. No discoloration on my teeth; they have stayed pretty white just brushing all the time with whitening toothpaste. I sip water all day to keep from having a dry mouth. I do find the aligners to be annoying, but certainly they aren't as bad as my first go-round with metal braces, rubber bands, headgear, etc.

Since everyone has different pain thresholds it seems some find the treatment more uncomfortable than others. It seems that typically people talk about the first week or two being pretty uncomfortable, then they get used to it and only have some discomfort when they switch to a new tray. A lot of people choose to switch to their new trays right before bedtime so they sleep through the majority of the discomfort.

You can probably find some good tips on how to keep your trays clean, and thus prevent bad breath in this forum:

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