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Bad reaction to Botox- what would you do?

  • sallysally1
  • 10 months ago

Three days after having Botox I got sick. I felt generally very lousy. Weak, dizzy, very foggy headed. Could not get through a normal day. I thought I had a sinus infection. I went on antibiotics and that did not help. Days went by, then weeks. I also had a lot of anxiety and racing heart. Meanwhile i did not connect any of this to the Botox because I had it at least 6 times before over several years.Then I went to a neurologist. He immediately said he thought it was the Botox. He told me never to have it or any other neurotoxin again.I ended up sick for many months including panic attacks. The panic attacks and anxiety may have been because I was not getting better and that was scary. I finally got better.  Anyone have an experience like this and did you try it again? Did you find alternatives for fine lines?