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Bad reaction to Botox- what would you do?

  • sallysally1
  • 9 months ago

Three days after having Botox I got sick. I felt generally very lousy. Weak, dizzy, very foggy headed. Could not get through a normal day. I thought I had a sinus infection. I went on antibiotics and that did not help. Days went by, then weeks. I also had a lot of anxiety and racing heart. Meanwhile i did not connect any of this to the Botox because I had it at least 6 times before over several years.Then I went to a neurologist. He immediately said he thought it was the Botox. He told me never to have it or any other neurotoxin again.I ended up sick for many months including panic attacks. The panic attacks and anxiety may have been because I was not getting better and that was scary. I finally got better.  Anyone have an experience like this and did you try it again? Did you find alternatives for fine lines?

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II have had the same experience and it has been going on for a year, finally after the last Botox when I was sick for the first week, then had the worst headache In my entire life 24/7 I realized I was not imagining the my illness I have had for almost the last year. I have had my other Dr. who took every test there was, all kinds of test and finally I know. Botox effect 10% OF THE POPULATION IN A NEGATIVE WAY. I WILL NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN.
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It's Kim Atlanta if anyone is out there from over three years ago. I am still sick but at least I have good days and it's not as intense pain or sickness.
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Also in addition to the severe headache, the one major wrinkle between my eyes is still there. It's so depressing that I have a worse headache and the wrinkles are still present. Does anyone else have similar issues. I have no intention of having Botox again due to these horrible side effects.
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That's horrible you're going through that. I'm so sorry. My issues were different than what you're experiencing, but nevertheless, it's all not good. I seriously think the FDA needs to take another look at the ill effects of Botox. At the very least the doctors administering it should let patients know of ALL the potential harmful side effects and not just minimize them by saying you may get a droopy eye, but it will go away. What I can tell you from my experience with Botox, it does wear off, just not quickly. I hope in the meantime you can get a doctor to help you reduce the headaches.
I took my Botox for headaches & they last session and I mean the last one I will ever take, gave me the worst headache in 50 years (I am 75) I have had auras, numbness and other things before my headaches, at my age it's scary.
I had Botox exactly 3 weeks ago for chronic migraine as a last resort. I truly thought it would be my miracle. Not so! I have had the WORST headache ever since. I have taken a steroid, had a morphine drip at the ER and taken my headache meds EVERY day. I am ready to die. No one can offer me relief, and they act like its all in my head. I don't know what to do. Help!!
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Judy. I too had the worst headache two weeks after my fourth Botox injection. I now have high Liver enzymes and will have an MRI. I have not felt well since July of 2013 and just since the last Botox made the connection. My headache lasted 5 days 24/7.
I had a Botox reaction from my injections. Initially my reactions were severe and the first episode landed me in ER thinking i was about to die. Thankfully my doc Jain form fairviewclinic, Toronto confirmed my symptoms were Botox related and advised there was nothing to do but treat the symptoms. I tired some natural things, some helped, some didn't and am looking forward to discussing different treatments on this site. At 4 months I still have some symptoms that come and go but am so much better than I initially was. This is by far the most challenging thing I have ever been through and the fear that surrounds this all has made it difficult to cope at times. Connecting with others who were also going through the same thing as I was saved me and I really want to reach out to those who are also going through this so they know they are not alone and they are going to be okay.
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Wow that sounds do awful. Sorry you had to go through that and thank you for posting here, you are right - it really helps us all to share our stories. What kinds of symptoms did you have? I felt sooo foggy headed and weak in the knees. I could not function at all. I also bad anxiety. I am wondering if your dr explained why you had a reaction. Was it the way it was injected or the amount or just how your body handles the botox? I am trying to figure out why I had a reaction after having had it several times before. Maybe I will never know. But as time passes I am really wanting to take a couple of years off my face. Not sure how to achieve that because all the drs say to try botox again. But my neurologist says never do it again. And of course I don't ever want to go through that again. Glad you are recovering and thanks for posting!
Well, at the time I never even associated it with the Botox until I read your post. The dr I saw wasn't the Botox dr so we never figured it out. Now I'm wondering if that's what caused the symptoms. As far as getting Botox again, the two plastic surgeons I consulted with for the nerve being hit and all the swelling and dry eyes, both of them suggested if I do get Botox again, they'd inject a small amount in my arm first to see if there was any negative reaction. That scares me too, though, because my arm is closer to my heart than my forehead is. Hopefully, there's some equally effective filler you can try instead of Botox that is maybe safer. I'm with you. I really liked the results of Botox when there were no adverse reactions.
Hi calgal- I just saw the pics of your forehead and read the drs answers. How frustrating for you! Of course it is related to the injection. I saw one Dr told you its anatomical. No way. You are right. But just so you know, you still look beautiful and its more noticeable to you than others but I totally understand how you feel. My gut instinct is that it will gradually go away. With regard to other botox symptoms I wonder if I had some side effects over the years as well because if that neurologist had not connected my symptoms to the botox I never would have made the connection. My general Dr. does not think it was the botox. The plastic surgeon Who administered it says he has not had anyone ever have a reaction but he was nice about it.also because I did not associate it at first I didn't contact the plastic surgeon until much later. I had the injection 2 years ago but I did wonder if it was a bad batch or something. Strangely that time it also wore off very quickly. the side effects lasted for months but the beauty effects only lasted 10 days which never happened before. So it made me wonder if it was injected wrong, etc. Its all very frustrating!
Thank you for your kind words. I should post a picture the day after the actual shot, but it's verrrry horrible and scary. People who know me saw the pics and were shocked and said that doesn't even look like me. They're so bad, I'm embarrassed to post them. Maybe I'll think about it. Then the doubting drs can't really day it's not related, because I woke up the next day all puffed up and swollen. I called the dr who injected me and had to go in on an emergency basis because it was a Saturday. I paged her for four hours before she ever responded, otherwise I was headed to the emergency room. She prescribed a 4-day steroid does pack to try to get the swelling down. After a week, it was still so swollen that she prescribed one more course.
Well, I had botox 8 months ago, still struggling with anxiety. The first 4 months was horrendous and doctors keep saying they have never heard anything like that. Well side effects is clearly stated if you search on Internet. But I never got told of any, if I was informed I would have run a mile. It just frustrates me and feels like this will never end. One thing for sure I would never again go near botox. Hopefully one day the real truth will come out. I can't believe how many people have sufferd from this toxic rubbish.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I was feeling like maybe I was crazy! The drs all say they have never heard of anything like it. But if you Google other medications and even fillers you don't find thousands of people who have had bad reaction. You find some but not nearly as many. Google botox and bad reaction and there is story after story.... but no doctors will admit it. Thanks for posting. I hope you continue to recover!!!
It's interesting, isn't it? How can all these people be imagining these things. Sallysally1's story reminded me of a situation I had about 3 years ago where I was at work and all of a sudden, my left arm went numb and my heart started palpitating. I left work early to go to see my general practitioner. On the drive there, I pulled over because I thought I was having a major panic/anxiety attack (which I've NEVER had) and called my husband I was so scared. Finally made it to Dr. He did all kinds of tests, including an EKG, and all were normal. It was the scariest thing and has never happened since. But I never even related Botox to it. Humm. Sounds like other people have experienced similar situations. I was a regular Botox user for years without incident so it didn't occur to me. Seems like it depends on the "batch" or something.
Hi Sally, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I too had a horrible experience after having Botox injections for 12 years. 3/8/13 dr hit a nerve near my eyebrow. I had horrible swelling and had to take two weeks off work I looked so awful. The dr gave me two courses of steroid dose packs to get the swelling down. I saw a board certified plastic surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon ophthalmologist for second opinion right away, both said the dr hit a nerve. They both had not seen this before. HOWEVER, I'm sick and tired of responding docs on this site always saying oh, no, that wouldn't be from Botox, etc. just because they've not seen it before. Everybody is different and there can be many adverse reactions. It's clearly from the Botox. My situation was probably being struck in the nerve. My problem now it once the Botox wore off, 3 visible dents formed in my forehead and have been there for months. And my forehead where it meets my scalp is still numb. When I posted my question this week about will they go away, the first dr to respond suggested it wasn't from the Botox or injured nerve, but maybe a steroid injection for cystic acne! Or my forehead was just like that. How insulting. If people have an immediate adverse reaction right after the Botox injection, then it is almost certain that's what caused it IMO. Just because 95 percent of people do not have any problem does not mean 5 percent can't have a REAL problem or adverse reaction. Both PS's I consulted with right after my situation occurred were very sure that the nerve was struck and both had never seen the reaction I was experiencing. I kept a detailed photo Log daily for 18 days of how horrible I looked. It was scary. It was REAL. Now all I would like to know is if these indentations will go away or not period. My forehead was NOT lumpy before and I've never had acne in my life. So trust your body. You know what's normal for you, pre and post Botox of any injectable. People be aware - things happen. I'm really bummed though because I really was pleased with the results for the first 12 years.
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1calgirl- Sorry to hear about what you went through! I know, the DR's just will not believe anything bad can happen from botox. They love to think we are all just nuts. You are right about trusting yourself. I really really want to get botox again but I am healthy and I really don't want to risk being able to function. I am looking into finding a Dr who is very good at fillers to try and make up for what I can't have now that I'm not using botox. My gut instinct for you is that your forehead will eventually go back to normal. It just might take a while. I had an injury to my face from a fall while running and it took a year for everything to go back to 100% normal. I think drs make so much money from botox they are blinded to the possibilities. I wish you the best. I think your face will heal :)
Thank you, Sally. I pray you're right. I've also thought about checking into fillers. I'm just thinking in my case, I wanted to wait to see if these dents will go away. I wonder if these Drs are being paid by Allergen (manufacturer of Botox) to disregard any negative comments. I don't think I've seen one Dr response yet saying anything other than, nope, not the Botox. And there are several complaints of numbness down the face to dizziness to lumps and bumps that people didn't experience pre Botox. I'm glad you're feeling better. Interesting what your neurologist had to say re Botox, especially given the fact it's a neurotoxin. Good luck the the fillers. Keep me posted if you find a good one:)
Sally, Sorry you went through all that. It must have been very alarming. I am not totally surprised that something like this could happen. If you look att the anatomy of the face the are many, many important nerves and vessels there. It not as important " what you use" as it is who you get to do it. Make sure it is a doctor with a background in Dermotology, oral, facial, etc. Knowledge and experience are important when you letting someone near your face.
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Even I got Botox injections but didn't get any such reactions. My doctor at Lewis Pain has asked me to make regular visits to him and he takes care that any such reaction is prevented before time.
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I have not heard of anyone having this kind of reaction to Botox - I have been using it for about 4 years, and many of my friends have Botox, too. It sounds like it was really terrible for you. I'm going to ask my doctor if she ever heard of this. I do have an alternative for fine lines you might look into which is ReFit from Viora. It uses RF and suction for skin tightening and countouring. I'm seeing results for my marionette lines (left and right side of nose to mouth) which is great because I don't want to use any fillers. I need a few more treatments (you will need at least 8 treatments). I'm doing under/around eye, which is also working, but not as effective as using Botox for crows feet. Good luck and good health.
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