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Did anyone have a bad headache from Botox and had it go on for a long time?

  • seriouslady
  • California
  • 4 years ago

Hi All- I had a bad reaction (like ti seems many on this board) to botox and had the seemingly classic 2 weeks of flu like symptoms and bad headache. the flue type stuff went away as well as the massive/awful headache but I still get almost daily headaches at the injection site. They are not bad but definitely uncomfortable.

I am 1 year out - will this ever go away? I never had thsi before the one injection. Also, I am considering having another baby in the next year. I will NEVER have more botox but I am scared the botox did something bad to me because of all the bad reactions. Has anyone had teh same problems and had it go away or had a normal baby after using botox?

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