Bad experience with laser

  • Staceyoz
  • 10 months ago

It's been 6 months scince I had palomar erbium non ablative fractional laser, my skin is awful grid marks still,scarring in the skin, white raised swirly lines I am devastated been back to where I had it done and sent various e.mails they keep telling me it looks fine?? When it clearly doesn't has anyone else experienced this.

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Hi just to let all members know I made a mistake with the make of laser I had,it was Palomar Emerge not the Erbium laser. In previous posts I mentioned concerns that my after photos shown to me may have been altered this was because in person my skin does not look like them, I withdraw that comment and apologise if this comment or any other of my comments have caused concerns to anyone. I was only expressing my personal feelings.Also it has been confirmed that the settings on the Polamar Emerge non ablative fractional laser were within the safety range however I've not as yet seen my notes. To get your notes you have to get a doctor or medical centre to request them before they can be released. I'm going to be doing this. I'm seeing a doctor in two weeks and will ask them to do this at least then they have better idea and can hopefully help with the healing of my skin. I'm sure lots of people have been pleased with their laser results I am very upset with my results, I still have bad texture, and it's approx 7months scince I had it done.
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You don't have to get a doctor to get them to release your notes it's your right as a patient to obtain your medical notes from them.
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I had non ablative fraxel restore and was left with a similar texture issue. Many reviewers on this site have had a similar outcome. Google IPL and laser damage support and read the reviews there. They offer helpful solutions and support to those that have been damaged. Good luck!
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