Can this bad blepharoplasty be fixed?

  • no more pretty eyes
  • buffalo ny
  • 4 years ago

4 weeks ago I received a bleph upper and lower - one eye seems fine the other noticaeably smaller - very tight and has a large sore - when I raise my brows the one eye distorts - and I still have puuffy bags on my cheeks from surgery that will not receed - can a bad lower lift be fixed if too much skin taken? I am so sad - Dr. was a dermatological surgeon -

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My upper and lower blepherplasty has been a complete nightmare causing depression and costing more than ever dreamed. Too much taken from the upper causing hooding. I had a brow lift by a different surgeon. But the lift is not enough and he blames my skin for retracting.... i have a hard time believing that. He did fix the lower drooping with surgical technique - cantherplex. my pretty almond shaped eyes are more round. one dr. suggested putting fat back in the lid but then backed out. any suggestions? anybody ever have this problem.