Back to Work With Binder?

  • j-taylor
  • Edmonton, AB
  • 3 years ago

I am scheduled to return to (office/desk) work 4 weeks post-op FTT. PS orders are to wear my binder for 6 full weeks, and the 'wean'. Admittedly, I am a binder addict already at 2.5 weeks post-op. My concern is that my binder is bulky and can be seen under my looser 'home' clothes, so surely it will be seen beneath my fitted office attire. Any clothing, binder, or compression suggestions for those first couple of weeks back to work?

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I wore my binder for 9 days then spans by the time I went back to work? I wear thin exercise type uniform, so the spans was a godsend.
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I came from surgery with binder week after ps suggested garment which you can wear under clothes not noticable.
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